Summary MEI Field Leadership Training

Several months ago, our field leadership team at the MEI Electric office in Fargo, North Dakota started developing a multi-phase Field Leadership Training that is now in the execution stages. The goal of different phases of training is to ensure that all of the Parsons Electric companies (including Parsons Technologies, MEI, ASI, ecs, and all other Parsons companies) receive the same training, and can leverage that experience in their respective markets.

The first phase of training for MEI Electric was run by Todd DeGraw, general superintendent for MEI Electric. Todd trained participants on the Parsons Electric standards of work, processes, and tools available in the field. Bill Olson, VP of Field Operations and Rob Gephart, Operations Manager, were also present and spoke about the changing markets and how teamwork is necessary to capitalize on these changes. The leadership team also took part in a hands-on training session with their iPads, run by Ryan Hildebrandt, Field Service Engineer. They learned about the electronic tools available, and how to competently utilize them. Proper implementation of these skills will allow for our jobs to run at peak efficiency, adding more value to our customers while also standardizing our work.

The second phase of training was held at Border States Electric in their Fargo, North Dakota branch office. During this session, Todd DeGraw trained on Mark Breslin’s 5 Minute Foremen book, where the field leaders learned about communication, the importance of mentorship, and other soft skills. The discussions were led by the team, allowing them to drive topics they wanted to learn more about. During this training, Chris Hoff, Account Manager at Border States Electric came in to speak about some of the new products they are offering, along with the services they provide to our field, that many leaders were unaware of. Chris Hoff’s presence along with the use of the 5 Minute Foremen book at this training proved very beneficial to our field leadership team, adding more tools to their soft skills toolbox and demonstrating the tactics necessary to be a successful leader and mentor for our current and upcoming projects.

“Communication, the human connection, is the key to personal and career success.” – Paul J. Meyer

This Thursday, the field leadership team will be receiving their first Lean construction training from Perry Thompson, Lean Executive Director. This training will go over the utilization of the Last Planner system, in a step toward our company’s goal of being “Lean Ready.”

In the next year, the field leadership team will be involved in other phases of training. We are striving for a world-class workforce in our industry. To do this, we are continually looking for new topics and ways to train that will improve our leadership companywide.

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